Kitten Thrown From Pickup Truck Is Saved

Police in Upper Allen Township, Cumberland County, say a kitten was thrown from a truck window along Route 15.

Witnesses told police they saw the kitten being thrown from a small blue pick-up truck. Poor kitten was then trapped in traffic against the center barrier but he was rescued by an officer.

The kitten is being cared for at the Dillsburg Veterinary Center.

“Update on Rosie (she was found by the Rosegarden Bridge) – radiographs showed no apparent fractures. She does have a lot of soft tissue injury and swelling. Abrasions near her eye but no injury to her eyes. She is currently receiving antibiotics and pain medications. She is eating and drinking like a champ! She is one fortunate kitty!” the Veterinary Center wrote in an update on Facebook.

Kitten thrown fro truck

“She is in good spirits and eating/drinking well. Still a lot of inflammation and tenderness in her ankle. Dr. Pryor is concerned that she experienced some neurologic trauma. Prognosis is still guarded.” – they wrote.

For more information about Rosie please visit Facebook.