A Kitten Was Thrown Out Of Moving Car In Busy Traffic. She Was Saved At The Last Minute

A tiny kitten was thrown out of a moving car on a tram line, in the middle of busy traffic. She was rescued the last minute…

“I was driving when I spotted a black tiny kitten on the tram line. I stopped immediately the car, blocked the traffic and grabbed the poor kitten as fast as I could” the kitten’s rescuer told Land of Cats.

“The kitten was so small, cold and barely breathing. I rushed with her at the vet.”

The vet offered the kitten the first help but he couldn’t know if she will make it or not. “I had to keep her in warm place, with a heating pad near her to help her body temperature came back to normal.” the kitten’s rescued told Land of Cats. She was extremely thin, dehydrated and unable to eat. She needed to be syringe fed.

kitten syringe fed

The poor kitty refused to give up so the next day she started to feel better. After a few days she stared to eat and her powers were slowly coming back.

Kitten refused to give up

“The kitten had a twisted leg that needed to be removed. It seems she was born like that. Being too young for a surgery we had to wait for a few months for the surgery to be done.” the kitten’s rescuer told Land of Cats.

Kitten getting stronger

The kitten, who was named Vanya, started to grow and to get more and more strength. When she made the right age she was operated and the leg was removed.

Vanya after surgery

“She never used that leg so she was already accustomed to walk in three legs. She recovered very fast after the surgery.”

Vanya was adopted

Vanya found a loving family who wanted to adopt her and she is living now the happy life that she deserves!

Vanya at her new home!


Watch Vanya’s 5 months of recovery in the video below:


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