Kittens Abandoned In Family Mailbox

A family in Powassan, Ont. discovered three kittens abandoned in their mailbox after returning home Wednesday morning.

Three 4 weeks old kittens were found in family’s mailbox.

“My dad had come home, [and the] mailman came down the driveway and asked if my father lived at this address,” said Leslie Armitage.

“He said there were kittens in the mailbox. My dad couldn’t believe it.”

Unfortunately one of the kittens was dead, another one didn’t make it but the third one was full of life and survived.

“I’ve always loved animals, and to think that someone could just put these little, tiny, baby kittens in a cold tin mailbox and just leave — just abandon them — I felt shame for the people that would have done that.”

Leslie Armitage decided to adopt the kitten who was checked by a vet and who is healthy.