New Beginning For An Old Cat

Kaja, a 10 years old cat, was found abandoned in front of a veterinary cabinet. She was scared, dirty and hungry.

“She was hiding under parked cars, she was scared and afraid with humans. I managed to catch her pretty fast considering someone tried to pet her before and didn’t succeed.” Kaja’s rescuer told Land Of Cats.

Rescued old cat

“Right after I caught her I took her at the vet for a check. Her condition was not that bad, she was just extremely scared. Most probably she was abandoned and she didn’t understand what was happening to her.”

Kaja was castrated and her rescuer took her home. At the beginning she wasn’t too trustful but when she felt love things started to change.

“She was too dirty and she obviously needed to be cleaned. So I took my chance and tried to make her a bath. If I would have noticed she was stressed or scared, I would have stopped immediately.” Kaja’s rescuer told Land Of Cats.

Cat bath

But Kaja loved to feel the water on her fur and she accepted to get bathed. “She knew this was good for her so she let me wash her.”

“After the bath she felt so good! She wasn’t afraid with me any more.”

Kitty after the bath

The old kitty was so lucky and she found a forever home! She has now her humans who offer her all the love that she deserves!