Senior Cat Who Was Rescued From Death Row Learned To Trust Humans Again!

Teak, a 10 years old cat, was found by Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary at a local shelter, where he was waiting on the death row.

Karyn didn’t know how he ended up at the shelter but she knew she had to rescue him from the death row. She and her husband run a cats sanctuary special needs cats in Fort Worth, Texas. She pulled Teak out of that shelter to offer him find the loving family that he needed.

Teak the cat

He was totally terrified of people. He wouldn’t eat if someone was in the the room. After one month… “Teak actually came to live with us a little over a month ago, but he spends his time in hiding. Today, I was finally able to pet him (without a hiss!) and snap a few pictures.” wrote his mom on Facebook.

Senior rescued cat

After a while… Teak started to get close with the other kitties from the shelter.

“Ok so we all know that Teak is a lover. He is usually Velma’s boyfriend. But lately, he’s been absolutely taken with the newest cat that I have nicknamed Shabadoo.” wrote his mom on Facebook.

Teak and friend

Today Teak is completely changed, the love that he received transformed him into a very loving cat! Now he sleeps in bed with his humans every night… He’s come a long way!

You can follow Teak on Facebook.