Orphaned Kitten Adopted And Taken In By Adorable Baby Ferret Family

A five weeks old kitten was found abandoned and all alone. Poor kitten wasn’t in a good health, she was hungry and in need of a home.

Some kind hearted humans found her and took her immediately home. They named her Komari. The family had six big brothers at home ready to meet her!

Kitten ferrets

After a proper introduction, Komari fit right in and her new brothers welcomed her with open paws. Her new brothers are five pet ferrets, and through their love and care, she was nursed back to health.

Kitten growing with ferrets

Now Komari thinks she is a ferret too!

kitten eating with ferrets

cat sleeping with ferrets

They always have dinner together.

beautiful family

Time went on and Komari is not so little any more.

cat and ferret

You can follow the amazing family on Twitter.